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A collection of five stunning monochromatic photos of the mighty Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) taken in the Polar Bear Capital of the World, Churchill, MB, Canada.


The Story

“Nanuk” in Inuktitut means polar bear. According to Inuit legend, Nanuk is the master of all bears. He alone determines which hunters are worthy of finding or hunting his kind, bestowing luck and fortune to those he deems as deserving.

Polar bears are central figures in the climate change issue. As the planet continues to warm, sea ice in the arctic circle forms later and melts earlier, progressively shortening the time within which bears can hunt for ice seals.

This bleak forecast for the future of Polar Bears is what compelled photographer Noel Guevara to take a trip to the Canadian Subarctic and photograph the largest land carnivore in its element.

The town of Churchill, Manitoba is dubbed as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”. Sitting on the shore of Hudson Bay, it lies directly on the migratory path of polar bears. With three rivers pumping fresh water into it, the Hudson Bay freezes earlier than other bodies of water in the surrounding region. This is what makes it an attractive destination for polar bears who have been without proper food for many months.


The Photos


The wait

Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) rely on sea ice to hunt seals that are resting or coming up for air. This adult male paces along the shore of Hudson bay as it waits for the sea ice to form.

Crow’s nest

A polar bear (Ursus maritimus) blends in with the boulders of Crow’s Nest in the Canadian subarctic. Polar bears are efficient hunters, using a combination of speed, claws, and teeth to bring down prey.

horizon hunt

An adult polar bear (Ursus maritimus) forages high and low on the tundra while waiting for the temperature to drop. It feeds on berries, kelp, and anything else it could find to sustain itself until the sea ice forms.


A female polar bear (Ursus maritimus) and her cub watch cautiously as tourists observe them from afar. Polar bear cubs remain with their mothers for 2-3 years, learning how to hunt, swim, and survive.

lazy bear

A polar bear (Ursus maritimus) takes a short nap on the tundra. Polar bears usually choose a dry, soft spot with good visibility for sleeping, and even use blocks of ice or a rock as a pillow.


Bonus Image

THE ice bear

“Nanuk” in Inuktitut means polar bear. According to Inuit legend, Nanuk is the master of all bears. He determines which hunters are worthy of finding or hunting his kind, bestowing luck and fortune to those he deems as deserving.

This 30” H x 20” W Chromaluxe aluminum print is only available as a gift when you purchase a complete set of Premium Edition prints.



The prints are available in two editions: Premium and Deluxe.


premium edition

Photos are printed on vibrant, 48” W x 20.5” H Chromaluxe aluminum sheets. Each signed and numbered print has a fixed mounting bracket and comes with a separate 3” x 2.5” aluminum caption plaque and a certificate of authenticity. Limited to 10 premium prints per image.

Each of the five images are available separately, but when bought as a set, the sixth, The Ice Bear will be included as a FREE gift.



These Glossy paper prints are encased in a black, 1.25” wood frame with 2” color white matboard and glazed with 1/8” clear glass.

These measure 40” wide with a 5mm-thick Xintraboard backing and a braided wire hanging system. Each signed print includes a certificate of authenticity. Limited to 10 deluxe prints per image.


The Photographer

Noel Guevara is an adventure, conservation, and nature photographer/filmmaker based in Manila, Philippines. His experience in producing content and creating visual stories spans more than 18 years, starting with the founding of his design firm,  Burnwater Design Studios in 1998 to more recently, directing TVCs and online videos. Currently, Noel has diverted much of his efforts to wildlife conservation, his advocacy for many years.

Noel covers the Asia-Pacific region, collaborating with the world's top conservation groups and NGOs such as Greenpeace International, WWF, and The Coral Triangle Initiative while providing  visual content and articles for magazines and publications. 

He is a Nikon photographer and is in partnership with  HECS Aquatic stealthscreen wetsuits and 22degrees neoprene ocean jackets.